Please be advised that items purchased online may display a discount price. This however would not reflect on any other products sold directly from our shop in the case of an item replacement. Should this be the case, the difference of cost should be met by the customer with no entitlement of any discount. Before we refund any cash, we may offer a replacement product. We won't accept back damaged items and items removed from its original package.

Be also advised that delivery times may vary depending on seasonal periods which most cases within a minimum of 7 days. Returns won't be be accepted on the basis of an extended delivery time.
Customers whom wish to return items must do it so with a valid receipt/ proof of acquisition and return the item/s with its original package and un opened nor damaged. It is the responsibility of the customer who is returning the item/s to pay for the returning postage.

All returns must be made no later than 14 days from the time you receive your good/s, and any refund should be made within a period no later than 14 days of the return of the item/s.