Pau de Cabinda tea

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A nice aromatic red tea. This tea has its aromas imprinted in its scent with a "tingle" taste and satisfying flavour.

The Tea of Pau de Cabinda is made from the bark of the tree that has the same name, which is commonly found in Angola, in the forests of Cabinda. 

Please note that this is a tea made of 60% of the Pau De Cabinda, and it is not a sexual stimulant.

What is Pau de Cabinda?

Pau de Cabinda is a powerful plant used a long time by Angolans, as a male and female aphrodisiac, being even better than Viagra. Doctors and experts in the field, report that it works and helps a man to have more firm and lasting erections.

Pau de Cabinda is originally from Africa and has long been used to enhance sexual intercourse. This plant is one of the few that has its scientifically proven effects, that is, it really works to combat impotence and erectile dysfunction. Researchers in the field, say that the products containing the substances Pau Cabinda, are the ones with proven results. Other medicines are just placebo near that plant. That is, they say the product will solve your problem, but in fact has proven nothing that will happen.

The people who previously suffered a lot by not having an active sex life, started to use the Pau de Cabinda and noticed a great improvement in their sexual power, stating that they felt so active and ready for sex as they felt when they were teenagers and were at their peak their sexual potency.


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