Honey Peri sauce

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Traditional honey infusion with a special artisan peri-peri sauce and wine. The taste of this infusion is sweet with a level of medium/high spice flavour. This sauce can be used as a dip or preferable to marinate foods ( chicken, steak, fish, salads, etc ).

Our honey peri is the perfect dip or marinade for all styles of culinary. We managed to perfect a blend sauce of our malagueta and our wild honey and the result is an explendit flavour sweet chilli sauce like no other. Whether you are marinating that chicken or using as a dip, our food developer has created a sauce to evolve your cooking habits and aid you to achieve great results on your kitchen. We aim to stand out from ordinate sweet sauces, so we decided to use organic recipes and traditional ways sauce making style.

The Honey originates predominantly from wild rosemary bloomings. It is collected in areas of free of pollution from within the highlands to the inner edge of the lowlands. With a light tone, this honey has a sweet aroma and flavor due to a balanced concentration of fructose which makes recommended in diets free of sugar (sucrose) as a natural sweetener. Several studies highlight the qualities of the anticancer Rosemary, and prevention of degenerative diseases.


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