Extra Virgin Olive oil (garlic & bay leaf).

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Our Olive oils are traditionally produced from a cold press extraction method, were the olive juices are squeezed out of the olives and then filtered with no added water. This process takes up to a year, were the particles of the oils are allowed to settle after the filtering takes part. This method refines the pure oil from any solids and enriches the colour of the oil.

We select the best olive oil production from a traditional method of harvesting the olives without preservatives or colorings. The selection of our oils are based on its providence from Portuguese farmlands.

We spent years studying and testing the varieties of olives so we can achieve an organic produce from quality Olive trees and to allow a seasonal growth of the fruit with a selected time for harvesting. These elements are essential to embody our oil with a consistent color, aroma and flavour.

Our oils have a consistency on the texture with the thickness of the liquid that does not fade away when used on cooking dishes or salads. 



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