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About Rural

Rural is an unique brand which trades predominantly Farm related products. Our aim is to supply traditional foods from its original source of supply.Rural specializes in the sale of Portuguese farmed products such as selected cured Hams, Cheese products and specialist Liquors.

From Portugal, we supply specialist Cheese and Hams from the various corners of the Portuguese countryside, where we are benefiting from years of trading relationships with local farmers. The same relationship level is applied with our UK partners where we as a brand are keen to promote Organic produce and the traditional ways these products have been promoted. By following these routes, we aim to deal directly with local and regional farms as well as small producers of selected products to ensure the quality and the origin of the products are Organic based. 

We will do our best to provide to customers products with a minimum impact of additives and preservatives. Our aim is to share the similarities and diversity of both cultures with consumers and to provide the best of what both countries can traditionally offer. We are providing to the consumer  a “one stop shop” of designated products, may it be local or from Portugal.