Traditional bakery


Got an idea? come to us
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Where there is an idea, there is an opportunity! We are specialists in the art of hand craft of pastries and savoury gourmets. Our design specialists and pastry chefs are here for the sole purpose of producing the best decorations of cakes in the region for any occasion. and we also provide a room decoration service if you desire so.

Because we believe that moment may bring eternal memories, making a perfect entrance, will bring the joy to fruitful years. 

So, why us?
Portugal is well known for its passion on gastronomy and pastries! As we always say " you may leave Portugal for its politics, but never for its foods!".  

We employ the best and passionate food designers and consultants and chefs. A simple visit into our shop most likely will transform your curiosity into a desire that can only be satisfied with our delicacies. The aesthetics of our designs are based on traditional cooking styles that reflect a modern eating lifestyles which it is deliberately aimed to attract the attention of our customer to a delightful product in its presentation with a superior tasty flavour.