Cured Pork Loin approx 500g

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Our Pork Loin has a smooth texture on the palate and consists with a mix o cured flavours that will surely open your appetite. It can be slightly compared with some hams bought on supermarkets with the difference of been tastier.
We often get satisfactory compliments regarding the taste and the portion of this product.

Sausage prepared from the seasoning of meat, pork shoulder, with ground pepper, wine, salt, spices and preservatives. It is cylindrical and reddish brown, and its interior has a pink aspect. Its length varies between 15 and 20 cm diameter and approximately 70 mm, and its weight is from 300 to 600 grs.

Treatment : Heat and smoke from holmoak

Packaging: Vacuum

Storage: Keep it in a cool and dry place

Suggestions: Sausage prepared aiming at the most exquisite tastes of people who can enjoy this cured product into thin slices.


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